Eco-Tour Photo Page

We had a great time bringing a total of 12 people into the mangroves on this last tour of the
It started a bit chilly..... but quickly warmed up and allowed us to not only paddle, but we went swimming
Paddle the Pocket 9-20-21 It was another gorgeous day on the Manatee Pocket as we cruised on glass-flat waters. The
South Indian River Eco-Paddle - September 16, 2021 We had a GREAT time on the water today! It was so
Paddle the Pocket - September 10, 2021 We had a great time paddling the Manatee Pocket - in gorgeous weather!!
Intro 2 SUP - Kid Version - September 5, 2021 Sometimes we have special requests from a parent to teach
Corset Mangrove Island Paddle - 8/18/21 What a great to send your son off to college - bring him on
Corset Mangrove Paddle and Some Rain Clouds - August 3rd, 2021 Welcome to Florida! Many people wonder why we do
Fast Fridays Paddle League - 7-30-21 It was HOT HOT HOT.... really bright and ... did I say HOT? Because
Things we love:  Nature, Sealife, Saltwater, Fresh Water, Water in general.... , Florida Living AND REPEAT CUSTOMERS!  Lauren has gone