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Unedited photos from Sunset Yoga – April 14, 2021

We had a very peaceful time at the water for sunset yoga this week. I personally loved that we had people walking around and taking note of the class and then, upon seeing me taking photos, were full of questions! They loved the whole idea of ending the day in such a peaceful way. Me too. I also loved that we had two little ones with us today! A 4 year old and a 9 year old. They did pretty freakin awesome! So happy to see them learning at such a young age that they need to take care of their own mental and physical health. What better way than yoga? Sunset yoga outdoors at that!

Enjoy these photos. They are straight from the camera – you can copy and edit in anyway that you would like. Click each photo to see it in full version. If you would like a specific photo edited and sent to you, just send me (Leisa) a direct email at and I will see what I can do for you. Other than that – enjoy and see you next week!

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