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The Narrows Eco-Tour July 1st 2021

When a customer calls and begs to be taken through a certain area only accessible by paddle board (or kayak – but we don’t do kayaks)… we can most of the time accommodate and create the specialized tour, just for that customer! This time was no different. Dawn called asking to be taken through the Narrows and after looking at the tides (which were still going to be lower than we wanted) we decided to go ahead. We love this area anyways and love the ability to go to anyplace that is cool and beautiful. 

On this particular morning we knew there would be afternoon thunderstorms, so we needed to stick to our schedule and make sure to get back before they hit us. We did pretty good on this. Only got stuck in a few raindrops at the end and we were always watching the radar to make sure lightning was at least 15 miles away.  (The closest it got was 19 miles away.) 

We had a blast, paddling in the Mosquito Cut, under the St Lucie Preserve Beach Bridge, (that might have a different name… its what we call it tho because it leads to the beach if you walk it), we went into the main water-way just west of the inlet so that we could get a quick glimpse of Hole in the Wall before we had to head back due to dark skies to our west. 

We had every on-water condition – brackish water, clear blue water, no wind and at the end a bit of rain and wind. Once we reached land at the end is when the wind really picked up – so we were thankful of our timing. 

Check out the photos from our tour and let us know if you want to book this particular paddle. This one is not accessible on our site and must be booked by calling the shop first.  

Thanks for coming out with us guys! ~Leisa

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