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Sunset Yoga – May 26th 2021

We are all about improvising when necessary… and tonight we did just that. Normally we conduct our sunset yoga with our paddle boards inside the little lagoon at Shepard Park. Tonight the tide was the lowest we had ever seen it… making the oysters and barnacles exposed and dangerous for anyone to try and launch their board into the lagoon. So… we instead took advantage of the very mild winds and instead had the boards positioned on the outside of the lagoon. It was perfect. We had a gorgeous temperature for our yoga practice and not only did class end with our beloved bagpipe player, we were also graced with a beautiful and colorful sunset. Starting with deep oranges, the atmosphere gave us gorgeous pinks as well as we said goodnight to the sun.

Thank you to everyone who joined us last night. We look forward to seeing you all again next week. Please remember to sign up in advance by going to:

Enjoy the photos from our evening. Click each one to see it full size.

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