Sunset Paddle Tour

Our Sunset Paddle is one of our leisure paddles. There is no set distance we paddle during the hour on the water – we just go. We bring drinks (various drinks) so that when we take our break, we can relax and just enjoy the setting of the sun.

Depending on the tides, we conduct this paddle in one of 2 main locations. When you book this tour our guide(s) will take the time to see which location will be the best for the activity and then email you with the location and directions.

This paddle always attracts groups – so do not be surprised if your paddle is joined by numerous others that have either booked the tour with us as well or they have their own paddle craft and are joining us.

Which brings up another point: (which is made on each of our tour descriptions) We encourage everyone to get on the water as much as possible – so with each of our tours, there is the option to bring your own paddle craft. This is called BYOPC. You can either join us for free or join us and donate $5 towards the tour, which we in turn donate to the Surfrider Foundation of the Treasure Coast.