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Sunday Sunset SUP Session

It was a beautiful and cloudy sunset. I know that sounds like a contradiction…. but it definitely was beautiful. There was a storm to the West and it was far enough that we were not paddling in the danger of lightning. I do not do lightning. *shakes head*

We had a breeze blowing us North as we traveled along the edge of the mangroves, being spied upon by a large Osprey. We found a little pathway and traveled into a secluded area where we saw Night Herons, a Great Blue Heron AND a WATER SNAKE! Yea….. we did not chase any of them…. especially the snake.

It started to get dark so we headed back South and even tho the breeze was against us…. the breeze was against us. =) It felt so refreshing and was a perfect end to our Sunset Paddle. Here are some photos to enjoy from our adventure.


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