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South Indian River Lagoon Paddle – April 23, 2021

We love paddling the most Southern portion of the Indian River Lagoon. It shows such a diverse eco-system and normally we are able to find many bright orange sea-stars, quite a few turtles and other wildlife. Lately tho, there has been dredging in this portion of the River. We understand… it’s a process and it does not make this location any less beautiful, however this day it did make for cloudy waters and less wildlife to be found. So… no bright orange sea-stars for us this day. Only 2 turtles were seen and no manatees or dolphins. We did have a great time tho! We would like… maybe a little less wind….  we like it best with winds 12mph and under and the gusts we had were over 16 this day. Just makes for a little more of a paddle workout and less visibility through the water. Still beautiful. Our through process is: “Anytime spent on the water is amazing” so we would do it all over again even if it were the same conditions.

Enjoy the photos! Sorry they came out cloudy. New phone case = cloudy photos sometimes. LOL Click each photo individually to see it full size.

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