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South Indian river Lagoon EcoTour – June 11th 2021

“At the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair should be messy and your eyes sparkling.” -Shanti

We would like to change that statement…. slightly. Your feet should be WET! 

We love connecting families to nature via waterway. The best way is on a paddle board. Glide across the top of sparkling water as you visit nature and learn about life outdoors. 

We got the chance to see sea stars, jellyfish, a mantis shrimp hole, turtles, mangrove crabs and tons of little fish! Teambuilding and lots of splashes and smiles were in order and everyone got the chance to paddle and enjoy the beautiful water and sunshine.

#TeamZeke really did have a blast with this family! 

Enjoy the photos from this tour that were taken by TeamZeke members Annaliese, Roselyne & Leisa.

Make sure to book your next paddle board eco-tour with us! 

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