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Sea Star Exploration Paddle – June 14

This morning we had a blast exploring the waterways specifically for Sea Stars! We found SO MANY! Such a relaxing way to spend an hour or so in the morning. The time just flew by! We also were able to find a HUGE Cassiopeia (Upside Down Jellfish). The upside down jellyfish’s stinging cells are produced in a mucus that is released into the water when disturbed from the bottom. As long as you do not disturb them too much they will not release the toxin filled mucus.  Even if they do release the toxic mucus, it’s not so toxic. The sting is very mild and most people don’t even feel it. So, of course, we had to take the chance to see it a bit more up-close. We also found a Green Heron bird nest with 3 babies. They were so fuzzy and cute!!

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