Sandbar Hopper Paddle

On the Sandbar hopper, we do just that. Sandbar hop! In this area (called the Sailfish Flats) we paddle and walk our boards – dependent upon which way we want to go. We stop at sandbars, “park” the boards in the sand and explore the sandbar for sea creatures. We have seen manatees, spotted rays, sea turtles and more on this tour, and then sometimes we just find millions of fiddler crabs. You never know! But each time it is a blast looking for as many sea creatures as possible.

Due to the tides, sometimes we stay close to the beach we launch from and then other times we will travel a mile to the “Stuart Sandbar” which is a popular hangout place due to the mangrove island beach inside the Aquative Preserve in that area. We never know how far we will go until we get out there. That is part of the fun of this paddle – we let the water guide us.

Due to this being a very popular area – we only offer this tour during the weekdays. (Unless we have a special sunrise paddle pop-up in the schedule – our Meetup page would have these special pop-up tours)

So you have two choices:

Mini Tour – 2 Hours on the water, exploring the Sandbars
Sandbar Hopper Mini 2 Hour ECO-Tour

Long Tour – 5-6 Hours exploring the Sandbars and hanging out on the Stuart Sandbar Mangrove Island. We bring food and drinks on this tour – but you are welcome to bring your own as well.
Sandbar Hopper 5-6 Hour Eco-Tour