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Paddling with Tourists July 31st, 2019

Today I had the pleasure of taking a few people out starfish hunting! They’re visiting all the way from Massachusetts! I love showing people our waters and telling them about our very own paradise! Especially when it’s not the norm for them! Some of us paddled and some rode in my inflatable sea eagle kayak…

When we arrived it was high tide which is my most favorite time! The water is beautiful and so so clear! You could see the bottom as we paddled over the middle of the channel. We found 3 starfish, and seen a few others that were too deep for this mermaid to go get 😉 So we brought them to shallow water so we could check them out and take pictures with them! I also educated them on some cool starfish facts.

A quick storm blew through as we were in the water which was pretty cool. During the storm I had left the starfish out a little deeper, and when it past we went back out to check on them. And we got the coolest surprise! One of the starfish was, walking?! I don’t know for sure but I had never seen this before. We named him Wally Walker, haha! He looked almost like an octopus the way had his arms bent/folded over. After taking many pictures and videos of him we finally swam them back to the deep where they’re safe from the outgoing tide.

Very cool end to our day! And I’m so glad our visitors got to see that! They definitely have some good memories to take home with them! And that’s what it’s all about. Exploring, enjoying, and learning about our awesome sea life! #getoutside #lifeunderwaterisbetter

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