Our Weekly Race-Paddle-Fitness League


Here are the next 10 week registration links.

Please go below the registration links to see the info/description of this race-paddle-fitness league event.


Week 1 signup link (Oct 10, 2021) – Click HERE

Week 2 signup link (Oct 17, 2021) – Click HERE

Week 3 signup link (Oct 24, 2021) – Click HERE

Week 4 signup link (Oct 31, 2021) – Click HERE

Week 5 signup link (Nov 14, 2021) – Click HERE

Week 6 signup link (Nov 21, 2021) – Click HERE

Week 7 signup link (Nov 28, 2021) – Click HERE

Week 8 signup link (Dec 5, 2021) – Click HERE

Week 9 signup link (Dec 12, 2021) – Click HERE

Week 10 signup link (Dec 19, 2021) – Click HERE

The basic info on this weekly event:

Our weekly paddle fitness meetups can be called anything from “race league” to “paddle league” to “fitness paddle” – whatever you want to call it.

We meet will try to meet each Sunday during the Fall season – please check this page for the sign-up link each week. If there is not a signup link, then we will not be having a league that week. Each week you will paddle the course and be timed. These times will be posted during that week (we try to post within 48 hours) and the next week you will try to beat that time. A type of weekly time-trial via paddle board, sit-down craft, pedal craft or whatever – was long as YOU are the power behind the board/boat motion. 

You must register each week. Your time will not be recorded if you do not sign up. 

Free photos will be taken as much as possible. These photos will help with everything from analyzing your paddle technique to your stance and can really help you improve in your sport. You may use these photos for your social media, as long as you give credit to the photographer, which is usually Leisa from Florida Girl Leisa Photography. (She also owns Zeke’s with her husband.)

Feel free to contact us at Zeke’s with any questions you may have regarding this meetup. Call or text 772-205-6920 or email zekessurfandpaddle@gmail.com