Our Partners

Over the years we have built some great partnerships. There was a lot of trial-and-error finding ones we trust and value and we are happily sure our list will grow over the years. 

Here are the links to some great organizations and people that we are involved with.  Click the name to go to the site for each. 

Paddle Ninja – The goal at Paddle Ninja is to promote the sport of stand up paddle boarding, outrigger canoe and surfski racing and to help make you a better paddle athlete. Click HERE to check out the clinics, workshops, articles, workout of the week and more. 

Danny Ching – One of the worlds most well-known paddlers, Danny has set records & broken records in both Stand-Up Paddle and Outrigger Canoe paddling. Danny is a great trainer and supporter of water athletes all around the world.  Click HERE for his Instagram channel.

April Zilg – An awesome all around person who loved paddling & science so much that she made a career combining the two. Learn how your body is capable of awesome achievements, if conditioned the correct way. Become faster and healthier all at the same time. Click HERE for her Athlete website.