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Mother’s Day Intro 2 SUP Class

I like to keep our Intro 2 SUP classes small and intimate. It helps when you are just starting and learning the basics. This day it was forecast to be WINDY…. and I do not like going on the water to paddle if it is 13mph and stronger. It was forecast to be 15 sustained and upwards of 20 gusts. Our mother daughter team really wanted to try it tho and understood that if it became unsafe at all, the class would be over and it would just be what it is. So we gave it a try. Thankfully we had a lot of mangrove coverage and we were able to spend time on the water, learn all the basics, stand up withOUT falling…. and we even did some teambuilding! All in all it was a beautiful morning and I think we have 2 more people addicted to sup, which is the whole goal of my intro classes.

Thank you so much for coming out with me guys! Hope to see you both again real soon!


Enjoy the photos. Remember to click each one to see it full size.

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