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Manatees, Clear Water & Sea Urchins! Guided Paddle with Phil & Gina

We had a great morning! The kids had the day off of school in Martin County and we had a couple of customers that were determined to see a manatee. While we definitely have a great area in Martin County to see them, we decided to go somewhere we knew we could find sea-stars as well. Welcome to Coral Cove, Jupiter! Here we like to paddle, swim and explore. We normally find at least 1 sea creature on this activity. Today we found manatees (they even surprised Leisa by swimming under her board!), sea-stars, sea urchins and quite a few cassiopea (upside-down jellyfish). It was so pretty out, we stayed there for a few hours just enjoying the weather and water.Here is a video of one of the sea-urchins. Notice, when I flip it over – the sea-urchin is spawning! Lots of little sea-urchins are about to be born. Then some will grow up to be full of spikes and beauty, the others will become fish food. Such is life!


Here are some more photos from our morning. It was so beautiful and sun-shiny that some photos simply were too bright to be clear. LOL We cannot wait to do this paddle activity again! We love paddle boarding in general, but especially in places where sea life is plentiful.


We hope you enjoyed the photos! Remember to contact us for YOUR guided paddle activity! We do lessons, tours and board sales. Call us: 772-205-6920 – Zeke’s Surf, Skate and Paddle Boarding!

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