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Manatee Pocket Mangrove Exploration Paddle

It was such a beautiful morning! The water was a bit chilly when we first stepped our toes in it to get onto our boards, but the sun very quickly warmed us up. I warned the girls that the nice breeze that we were feeling was going to give us a slight “boot-camp” workout on the way back. They laughed, but later understood. =)

We glided into the Manatee Pocket and found the waters to be calm and peaceful – providing an awesome reflection of us as we paddled. We searched the entire pocket for manatees, but today we found none. We found Pelicans, Egrets and Cone Jellys (awesome bioluminescent jellyfish that you can pick up, if you can catch them, and they glow in shades of blues and greens). ┬áThere were a ton of fish always jumping around within feet of our boards.

The highlight of the tour was a tie for me, from the awesome Mangrove Tunnel – that I cannot get enough of, all the way to the awesome team building that the girls did! They were SUP-er Stars with that! They even managed to get all 4 to criss-cross their boards (see photos for this part) and not fall in! Only about half of everyone who tries it can do it without getting wet.

I hope everyone enjoyed their morning on the water!

~Florida Girl Leisa~

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