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Manatee Pocket Mini July 21, 2019

The manatee mini tour is a great paddle for the beginner or the experienced paddler. 2 of my group had paddled before, the rest were beginners! We saw some birds, crabs and oysters on today’s adventure.

I gave the newbies their lesson and then we launched into the Manatee Pocket. Everyone was up and paddling right away.

We fought the wind going out but it wasn’t too tough. It kept us from being too hot. We saw a few Brown Pelicans and a Great Egret as we paddled along.

After we took our break at the halfway point we explored some more. We did some team building which ended in a splash or two and then we headed back in. We had wind at our backs for an easier trip back and we took a few short cuts under some docks.

Great job everybody!!

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