Manatee Pocket Mangrove Exploration Paddle

On this tour you will embark on a roughly 3 mile paddle into the Manatee Pocket of Stuart. Here lots of fish & birds & the occasional sea turtle & manatee check us out. This tour also has a possibility of seeing a crocodile! (We have yet to see him, but we know he is there. Do not worry – the American Crocodile is VERY timid and as many times as we have looked for him and have not found him – we know he likes to stay hidden)

This tour is anywhere from 2 – 3  hrs long (depending upon paddling abilities, the weather conditions and how much we hang out. At the half way point of this tour is when we encounter the Mangrove Jungle, where you will literally be inside the mangroves. See the photos above to check it out!


MANGROVE EXPLORATION – 3 Mile Round Trip (1.5 – 2.5 HRS)