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Intro 2 SUP – June 10, 2021

Another great morning with newbies on the water! We ended the lesson with every single person being able to stand up on the board and paddle efficiently! This is something that can be taken for granted, as many will say “well how hard is this really?” When you are on the water and attempting to stand on a moving object, it is not exactly as stable as dry land. Your legs are shaking and you are trying to stand up and balance on a 30-33″ wide object that tips with every movement. There are 2 main points to keep in mind when you are just starting out on a SUP. #1 – DO NOT LOOK DOWN. Not even a glance. Keep your eyes focused on the horizon line. This will help your balance. #2 – MOTION IS KEY! Motion will stabilize you. Just like riding a bicycle…. if you are on a bike and you lift both feet off the ground and yet do not put yourself in motion, you will tip over. Same idea. Get that paddle in the water and paddle while you are in the motion of standing up. Sounds complicated, but it really is so much easier than you think. Especially when you have us as your coaches cheering you on the whole way. 

Now, I do give a lesson before every single paddle tour, however the Intro 2 SUP class is geared more towards those who might possibly want a board in the future. This class will teach you everything from how to carry the board down to the water, how to prep the board so that you are Coast Guard compliant while on the water, how to properly get onto the board and then how to properly get off the board when you are finished with your paddle. Everything is done with safety in mind.  If you are interested in this 1 hour class, call us at Zeke’s or book the class on our website. 

Enjoy the photos from our June 10th 2021 class. 

~Leisa @ Zeke’s

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