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Intro 2 SUP – April 10, 2021

Intro 2 SUP – April 10, 2021

Sometimes you just want to try new things! When it comes to paddle boarding, it helps when you are taught the basics right from the start. Things you don’t even think of come into play, like “I know how to swim, why do I need a life jacket??”. This is just one of the things we go over.

Intro 2 SUP includes the basics, such as:

How to carry the board, how to properly outfit the board, what other items do I need when I go out on the water? Where can the life jacket be? Is it required? Where do I stand… HOW do I stand?? How do I get back on if I fall off? (This is one that no one ever thinks of. When you fall… most times you won’t be able to touch bottom)

Thank you for coming out to our 1st Intro 2 SUP class guys! We look forward to seeing you all on the water again real soon!

Enjoy the photos. Click each one to see it in full size.

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