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Indian River Paddle Tour – August 4, 2019

It was such a beautiful morning for a paddle. The day before the weather had been pretty stormy, but it looked like the clouds were going to stay away for at least this morning.

We had some first timers on our tour today, which is always our fave. We love getting people on the water and seeing how easy paddle boarding can be. So off we went for our 1.5 mile paddle. It was a bit hot, but we had a nice South wind to keep us cooler as we trekked along the East side of a mangrove island.

As we ended our tour we came across one of our favorite boats….. half sunken. We fear it was from the storms during the previous day. As I held back tears (I was very fond of this boat) we captured a few photos of everyone in front of the sinking “Lucky Buck” as we ended the tour.

Everyone had a great time and we all shared lots of smiles. Exactly how every morning should start. ??

Here are the photos – in no particular order.

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