Indian River Mini Paddle

One of our favorite paddles because it can be done in any time of the year and in almost any weather. (except high winds 13 mph+ and lightning – we do not play with lightning)

Explore the waterways at a slow pace on this tour. Count how many birds you see, try to find the stingrays & horseshoe crabs & manatees & dolphins as you paddle peacefully on this mini paddle. Total time on the water will be between 1 & 1.5 hours, depending on wind conditions, paddling abilities and nature inspired distractions.

Depending on the wind conditions, we will either head South or North and venture around a mangrove island, while we search for manatees, dolphins, sting rays, birds & more! Keep in mind that we are in their world at this point, and we cannot control nature – so we just hope that while we are enjoying such a cool sport that we get the extra benefit of wildlife.

On this tour there will be a few opportunities for team building (you may get wet) and photo opps. Be prepared! 😉

Your Tour Guide will take photos for you & bring a cooler full of water.


INDIAN RIVER MINI PADDLE 1.5 Mile Round Trip (1-1.5 HRS)