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Hidden Supermoon Paddle

That’s the best way to describe the paddle we had. Oh wait… add the word perfect. It really was. We had everything (except the supermoon) on this paddle. It was cloudy and the rain lightly drizzled half the time we were out. The water was very calm and glass-like as we glided on top of the water. Fish were jumping and birds were everywhere. It was so peaceful.

One of our paddlers, Susan, we have dubbed “The Dolphin Whisperer” as she had told us about her previous dolphin encounters on these same waters. She lived up to her name as it seemed the dolphins were drawn to her, even coming within inches to her paddle board. We all got to paddle alongside the dolphins for about 15 minutes – ooh-ing and ah-ing the whole time.

We circled a couple islands and then went back to the 1st island just east of Sandsprit park. When we had passed it the first time, it was like a mini bird sanctuary, as black birds had taken up every available space. By the time we came back, they had all left in a large cloud like formation. There was a small beach available for us to “park” our boards, which we did, and then we hung out at the island and waited to see if the moon would peek through the clouds. We caught hermit crabs and followed a stingray and a sheepshead as we waded through the shallow waters just off the beach area. There was a beautiful feel to the air and we were all happy to relax and destress on the island for a while.

Finally, after 2 hours, we decided the moon was just not going to make an appearance that night, so with our flashlights mounted to our heads and arms, we headed back to the park. Everyone was relaxed and full of smiles as we ended our adventure.

Here are the photos we could capture in the darkened skies of the evening.

Thank you for joining us everybody!!!

~Leisa @ Zeke’s

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