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Our first contest! Simbi Bracelet Winners Announced!

We can’t wait till our grand opening day! Until then, while we remodel and stock inventory, we will be giving away prizes. =)  The first prize was a pair of Simbi Bracelets!

Simbi is awesome, and we are happy to partner with them. Have you heard of them? This is the deal:

The founders, Birgit and Lori, after experiencing the devastating results of the 2010 earthquake, both were compelled to help. SIMBI came into being with a mission to ‘Save Lives, Improve Lives, & Empower Lives’ by creating sustainable jobs and providing clean water for the people of Haiti. SIMBI’s non-profit foundation, Aqua Haiti, supports, promotes and finances water purification throughout the country in addition to partnering with organizations to bring awareness and education of the importance of filtered water and proper hydration. Relying solely on solar-powered energy, SIMBI’s manufacturing facility in Haiti has a zero carbon footprint. And, its use of organic, biodegradable products and ‘up-cycling’ philosophy falls directly in line with the founding partners’ commitment to corporate social responsibility.

So each bracelet you purchase has made a difference! Every “little-by-little” adds up to help in a big way.

So thank you to each and every one of you who is now on #TeamSimbi =)

And now, our little Grom Skyler, announces the winners. (please note this contest was held on and advertised on Facebook)



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