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Full Moon and Sunset Paddle – July 16th 2019

We enjoyed SUCH a beautiful sunset and full moon on this paddle. We started at the beach launch on the Northeastern corner of Sandsprit park, right next to the Coast Guard Auxiliary. This can be a tricky launch spot because you can go 3 different ways and they all have their complications.

This night we were headed East, to the first island off the park. In order to head to our destination we must go past a heavily used boat channel – which is not a no wake zone (meaning boats can go as fast as they please). It can be dangerous. The time frame of our paddle made it much easier tho, as not many boats are out in this area right around sunset.

We headed over to the island and “parked” our boards and kayaks. A few of us had brought coolers with drinks, of various kinds. ? We then hung out and explored the mini island while waiting for the sun to fully set and the moon to rise.

It was a perfect ending to the day. The only change I would make is to maybe remind people (even tho it was stated on the event page) that they might need bug spray. Noseeums are no joke. LOL

Enjoy the photos! They were contributed by our Team Zeke members: Rochelle, Annaliese and Leisa ❤?

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