Frequently Asked Questions:

#1- Do you rent boards? No. We are better than simply a board rental company. We specialize in guided tours. All you do is show up – we supply EVERYTHING you need! (Board, Paddle, Hydration, Etc.) Check out our photo page for a bunch of photos from our tours and see the fun you could have with us!

#2- What used boards do you have for sale? Most likely none. We are not that type of store. We may have a used race paddle board here or there, but not often. Most people who purchase through us keep their boards for the lifetime of the board.

#3- What is your cheapest paddle board? We do not deal in “cheap”. Sorry. Again, we are not that type of store. You come to us for good, quality products that will last. Keep in mind there is a difference between cost and price. If you want to buy “cheap” you will most likely have to purchase that same item quite a few times over the years. If you buy quality, it will last you much longer and thus your overall price will be lower.

#4- Do you have kids skateboards? Yes! We have a full skateboard department. Feel free to come check us out and see the boards that are already complete and ready to go, or go through our selection of decks, trucks, wheels and so on and let us build you a board right on the spot.

#5 – Do you ship? We try not to. Some items in our store we simply won’t ship as there is too much room for damage or shipping just costs way too much. However, items such as clothing, candles, jewelry, stickers & more – we can ship those.

Have any other questions? Feel free to call or text us: 772-205-6920