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Corset Mangrove Paddle and Some Rain Clouds – August 3rd, 2021

Welcome to Florida! Many people wonder why we do our guided tours in the morning. Well…. Florida is the land of crazy weather! Most of the time (especially in the summer) you know that after 11am you can expect storms to pop up everywhere. So, we adjust accordingly. We run our tours at 9am and we have multiple weather apps on our phones (which we take with us on the tours) AND we have a lightning alert, where we will know if lightning is anywhere within a 15 mile radius. If this happens, we exit the water as quickly and safely as possible. Just because you can hear thunder does not mean it is close enough to cause damage, so we pay attention to our apps. 

This day we had rain on the second part of our tour and we heard thunder during the last 5 minutes. The rain was actually very welcome as it cooled us off from the “dog-days of summer” that we have been having. All in all we had lots of smiles and everyone did great! Thanks for joining us guys! Enjoy the rest of your Florida visit. 

~Leisa @ Zeke’s

Enjoy the photos!

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