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Corset Mangrove Island Paddle June 22, 2021

Paddle boarding can be very relaxing and serene. The Corset Mangrove Paddle (formally known as the Indian River Lagoon Paddle) is very…. calm & green. During the entire paddle we have Mangroves. Everywhere. We learn little tid-bits here and there of how important the Mangroves are in our eco-system. On this paddle we briefly discussed the Sacrificial Leaf and the way they help cleanse our water-ways. 

In this paddle I had a chance to talk to our customers about their life and the choices they have made both in home locations and in their businesses. I find it truly amazing how resilient both the human race and nature can be, both adapting and having the ability to make a difference in the world around you. Very inspiring. 

Sometimes you just need to feel that pull the water and nature can have on you. I think that pull was felt as we enjoyed the sun and the mangroves.

THEN we had a mini nature boot camp experience as the winds picked up and we pushed against it in order to get back to our launch ramp. As far as boot camps go, this was probably the most enjoyable. Made it hard to get  additional photos as we were all spread out and making sure the wind didn’t push us backwards. LOL 

Thanks for coming out with me guys! I hope to see you again soon. 

~Leisa @ Zeke’s

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