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Corset Mangrove Island Eco-Paddle July 11th 2021

What a beautiful morning! We had 1 person who had never paddle boarded, 1 person who had only done it once before, 2 who had just purchsed their very own boards from Zeke’s Surf and Paddle the day before AND 3 members of #TeamZeke (Rochelle, Annaliese and Roselyne) AND of course, myself, as your tour guide: Leisa. 

It was so pretty out. The water was nice and cool in contrast to the hot sun…. or so I was told… by Neil who decided to go swimming a few times. Well… it might not have always been his choice. LOL It was a good refreshing cool down tho. We caught mangrove crabs and terrorized Karen with them. She was not about to hold one. LOL We did try to get her to tho…. Rochelle spotted an iguana, which of course I tried to coax onto my board to be my new paddle mascot. It did not work. There were lots of Ibis birds around and a few Ospreys. All in all, the perfect way to spend the morning. 

Thanks for coming out with me guys! Hope you like the photos. (photos were taken by the entire TeamZeke crew)

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