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Corset Island & Mangrove Exploration Morning May 23, 2021

It was a beautiful morning! We had waited all week for the high winds to die down and we were not disappointed. There was just enough breeze in the air to keep our skin from getting hot in the Florida sun as we ventured North of the Jimmy Graham Boat Ramp. We traveled along the waterway with Corset Island to our right, blocking the mild winds from the East. As we rounded the island, we all prepared to “book-it” across the boat channel so that we could explore some mangrove tunnels. Boats are usually speeding up and down this portion of the channel on the weekends, so we were pleasantly surprised when there was only 1 boat coming and throwing large waves in it’s wake. We had enough time to make it across before the boat got to us however the boat driver was nice and slowed down so as to minimize his wake in our area, still providing a few waves for some of us to surf.

We encountered a nice guy fishing by himself right at the entrance of our mangrove tunnel. He had caught a few snapper and was watching a redfish in the area. We promised not to scare off all the fish as we passed him into the small tunnel. Here we had to paddle single file as the tunnel was pretty narrow. There were areas where the mangroves were completely covering our heads and we had to bend down just to paddle through the path. It was much easier to sit during this exploration… that way you were not the tallest one, thus taking out the spiderwebs. There were so many mangrove crabs watching us during our tour. We even managed to catch a few and see them up close. Well…. some of us. A few chose to keep their distance and admire them from afar. They CAN look very creepy with their fuzzy mini claws. LOL

After we explored the tunnels we did a bit of team building and headed back to the dock. Everyone got a chance to paddle around my favorite boat, the Lucky Buck and then we ended our tour for the morning. It was a great way to spend almost 2 hours. Can’t wait to do it all over again! Thank you to everyone who joined me this morning! ~Leisa

Enjoy the photos!

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