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Quick Update

Just a Quick Update 

To us it means staying up on the current weather and water conditions. Keeping our equipment current and dependable. Making sure our store is full of things that people want and need….. and then doing all that all over again.

2018 Goals for Zeke’s

YOGA – January 20th means the restart of our land & sup yoga program. We will be introducing a new teacher as well. Make sure to get your tickets for this event as this first class will be FREE and the boards (if you choose the paddle board option) will go quick. Check out for the SUP Yoga Event.

PADDLE SOCIAL – We understand that not everyone has a loving relationship with Facebook – so we have created the Paddle Social page, which is our paddle specific meetup page.  We will strive to keep this as active as possible  but this will also depend on you, our customers and friends, to be active on the page as well.

FITNESS & Race Training – Team rider Travis Kindt will be putting together programs for both beginners and seasoned paddlers to be involved with.

JUST PADDLE – Let’s get back on the water this year! Let’s show everyone why they should Visit Florida and #GetOutside everyday.

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This could have hit our area much worse than it did. We were preparing for the worst. In our efforts to secure our homes and families, we found out that the building we lease was not going to be protected at all from the pending winds of a possible cat 4 storm! We stayed up all the entire night before the storm was to hit, stressing out because our entire storefront to our little business is windows from top to bottom! I could lean against the glass and it would move. Just think of what cat 4 winds would do!

We were trying to decide what to do. Should we rent a Uhaul and put all of our inventory into the truck and just head to the West Coast? Should we bag everything up and just be happy we have insurance…… At this point it was Thursday morning and we felt as if we really had no other choice but to secure all the inventory and hope for the best. Then we got notification that the Home Depot near us had a new shipment of plywood. So off we went, thankful that home Depot opens at 6am. We got into the already long lines that stretched from the back of the store to the front and happily purchased plywood for the store. Thankfully (with a little help and support from our friends) our little store was as prepared as could be for Hurricane Matthew within a few hours and we rushed home to finish up the last of the preparations there and get the kids ready.

Hurricane Matthew Preparations Zekes Store Florida

The winds came and the rain started. Then the “wobble”. We are so thankful for that WOBBLE! =) That wobble made it so that our area did not get nearly the impact that we were all ready for. Our home never lost power and our little loved shop only lost power for 13 seconds, according to the security system. =)

The aftermath gave us a few bent palm trees and the awning at our little shop has given us it’s last shade, as now it is torn into shreds. Over all – we will take that damage over anything else!

Hurricane Matthew Leaning Palm Tree We Will Rebuild

Although we are happy for our outcome, we know there are many others who fared badly and we send positive wishes and vibes to all those who suffered due to Hurricane Matthew.

We ask that anyone who can donate to assist those in need due to the Hurricane, please go here:


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It’s a beautiful day for a Race!!! (info on the Blueline Ocean Warrior)


The Ocean Warrior race on Sunday, September 11th was apparently one not to be missed. We want to say congrats to our Zeke’s Team Riders Amy Carden and Travis Kindt for their races well done! Amy placed 1st in her division and Travis placed 3rd in his.

An awesome recap of the race was blogged by James Douglas and we encourage you to head over to his blogspot and take a look. (We love his blog posts – always informative and entertaining) James Douglass Blog

Photos were taken by Lori @ Chasin a Dream Photography and can be found on her Facebook:  Chasin A Dream Photography Facebook Page

Here are a few photos that we snagged from her page. 😉

blueline ocean warrior sup race chasin a dream photography

blueline ocean warrior sup race chasin a dream photography Travis Kindt

blueline ocean warrior sup race chasin a dream photography

blueline ocean warrior sup race chasin a dream photography


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Our first contest! Simbi Bracelet Winners Announced!

We can’t wait till our grand opening day! Until then, while we remodel and stock inventory, we will be giving away prizes. =)  The first prize was a pair of Simbi Bracelets!

Simbi is awesome, and we are happy to partner with them. Have you heard of them? This is the deal:

The founders, Birgit and Lori, after experiencing the devastating results of the 2010 earthquake, both were compelled to help. SIMBI came into being with a mission to ‘Save Lives, Improve Lives, & Empower Lives’ by creating sustainable jobs and providing clean water for the people of Haiti. SIMBI’s non-profit foundation, Aqua Haiti, supports, promotes and finances water purification throughout the country in addition to partnering with organizations to bring awareness and education of the importance of filtered water and proper hydration. Relying solely on solar-powered energy, SIMBI’s manufacturing facility in Haiti has a zero carbon footprint. And, its use of organic, biodegradable products and ‘up-cycling’ philosophy falls directly in line with the founding partners’ commitment to corporate social responsibility.

So each bracelet you purchase has made a difference! Every “little-by-little” adds up to help in a big way.

So thank you to each and every one of you who is now on #TeamSimbi =)

And now, our little Grom Skyler, announces the winners. (please note this contest was held on and advertised on Facebook)