There is beauty to be found at sunrise!

Sunrise paddles – difficult for those who (like us) are NOT morning people…. LOL but oh so worth it! We so enjoyed saying good morning to the sun as we paddled and explored the Western section of Downtown Stuart via waterway. Click each photo to see it full size. #DiscoverMartin #CityofStuart #StuartMagazine #VisitFlorida Zeke's Surf, […]

Sea Star Exploration Paddle – June 14

This morning we had a blast exploring the waterways specifically for Sea Stars! We found SO MANY! Such a relaxing way to spend an hour or so in the morning. The time just flew by! We also were able to find a HUGE Cassiopeia (Upside Down Jellfish). The upside down jellyfish’s stinging cells are produced […]

Paddle Parties With Zekes Surf and Paddle

Paddle Parties With Zekes Surf and Paddle are the hottest thing to do this summer! We have gotten rave reviews from everyone who has participated in one of our parties. We bring all equipment necessary for an awesome time on the water. Team Building Relay Races King/Queen of the Board AND MORE! Contact a paddle […]


RIVERBEND PARK ADVENTURE It was so chilly when we started out! All bundled up in double pants, long sleeves and jackets, we set out to explore nature. As we headed out and throughout the paddle, we encountered so many birds! Ibis, Great Blue Herons, Night Herons, Ospreys & Limpkins. It was beautiful to see them […]


SUNSET PADDLE BOARDING (Jupiter) We had such a great time during this sunset paddle. The views were amazing and the company was great. Everyone was trying to learn different paddling techniques and tricks. The kids played King of the Board (or in this case “Queen of the Board”) and tried different team building activities. We […]

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