Paddle Boarding Basics: Rental or Guided Tour, Which Is Better?

Paddle Boarding Basics: Rental or Guided Tour, Which Is Better? Let’s first choose the scenario. Are you a beginner paddler or have you paddle boarded numerous times in the past? This will determine if a guided tour is a need or a want. Beginner: In the first place, I personally will not rent a paddle board […]


Paddle Boarding Basics: Part 1 – The Right Rental Company

Paddle Boarding Basics: Be selective with the rental company you choose As one of the fastest growing sports in the world, Paddle Boarding has taken on a life of it’s own. Everyone and their mother has decided to get into the “business” of paddle boarding…. which only makes things more difficult for the general public […]

Balance Training

  How important is Balance Training? We all know a strong core is the ….. core of it all. 😉  There are quite a few other benefits that will make you consider trying that “crazy thing that there is no way I can stand on”.  #1 – It helps improve the way your muscles and brain […]

Rainy Days = Balance Board Training!

Rainy Days = Balance Board Training! It’s easy to get upset about a rainy day full of thunder and lightning. I mean we are outdoors people! We want to be outside, skateboarding, surfing, paddle boarding! When there is lightning in the area tho, it is a definite no-go for any of those activities. So what […]

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