Indian River Tour 11/10/19

Yesterday started out as a slightly offputting morning but that all turned around when I got to take two new paddle friends out on the Indian River. Laura had some experience with Sup, but for Colin it was his first experience. They both did amazing. Even with 12 mph winds. It created quite the chilly time. I had a great time finding out about their families and that Laura’s Daughter is very invested in conservation, especially of sea life. Since we in the area are working hard on that as well it meant aot to find someone from a different area so invested as well. I hope they come back to paddle with us soon.

Bathtub Beach

Hi all, Last night my family and I took a trip over to Bathtub Beach on Hutchinson Island. I am happy to say the water was crystal clear and absolutely beautiful! My husband brought is surfboard and the kids couldn’t stay off it. They had never been on a surfboard before so we were thrilled. Please enjoy our pictures and videos and remember to get outside every chance you get.

Sunday Funday

This past Sunday I spent the first half of my day at my favorite place… Coral Cove, in Jupiter.

I’m never disappointed by what this paradise has to offer! And for a Sunday, I was surprised at how calm the boat traffic was. Weekends are usually buzzing with boats, jet skis, and people tubing. There were some lurking storm clouds to the North, but they managed to slide right around us!

We’ve had a lot of rain lately so the water was not as crystal clear as it normally is. But I was ok with that. Because any day spent there is a good one. I had run into a fellow paddle boarder and he warned me of the strong current and lack of starfish that day. But again, I was ok with that!

I had my 12 year old daughter and my 4 month old puppy on board with me. And we chugged along. And because of the low boat traffic we decided to shoot across the channel. Once we got to the other side the water became much clearer. It always is more beautiful over there for whatever reason.

I dropped my daughter and pup off at the sandbar to run and play while I did a lap around the area….

The paddle boarder was right, no starfish anywhere! Which motivates me even more to find one! It’s like a personal challenge. Must.Find.One!! Haha.

All of a sudden I see something grey swim out from under a nearby dock. At first thought, baby manatee! Sweet, let me follow so I can check it out. As I got closer, it swam faster into the deep. And I quickly realized it was a baby nurse shark. Pretty cool actually because I never see them during any of my paddles. This was actually only the 2nd time.

So after that I decided to turn around, against the current mind you. I’m dripping sweat and my arms are killing me! I’m giving up on the starfish at this point. I’m going back to grab my daughter and puppy! As I get back I jump off the board to cool off, I walk the board along the sandbar and they jump on.

Just about to head back across the channel back to our spot…And there she glows. One lonely little starfish =D Mission complete! Day made. Just like that.

It takes time, patience, and motivation to find these beauties. Most people think I just pop in the water, swim down and grab them effortlessly. But that’s definitely not the case!

Even if I a starfish doesn’t bless me with its presence, there’s always something else that does!

Always an adventure, on the trusted Ecs board!

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Indian River Paddle – August 11th 2019

What is one of the best ways to connect with your kid(s)? Get them involved with exploring nature!Lacey and Cassidy decided to try out paddle boarding as a great mother daughter hobby.

We had a lot of fun the them as we started with a relaxing paddle around a mangrove island and ended with some fun team building.

Check out the photos! Here are the edited and unedited photos from our trip. Enjoy!

Indian River Paddle Tour – August 4, 2019

It was such a beautiful morning for a paddle. The day before the weather had been pretty stormy, but it looked like the clouds were going to stay away for at least this morning.

We had some first timers on our tour today, which is always our fave. We love getting people on the water and seeing how easy paddle boarding can be. So off we went for our 1.5 mile paddle. It was a bit hot, but we had a nice South wind to keep us cooler as we trekked along the East side of a mangrove island.

As we ended our tour we came across one of our favorite boats….. half sunken. We fear it was from the storms during the previous day. As I held back tears (I was very fond of this boat) we captured a few photos of everyone in front of the sinking “Lucky Buck” as we ended the tour.

Everyone had a great time and we all shared lots of smiles. Exactly how every morning should start. πŸ€™πŸ˜€

Here are the photos – in no particular order.

Baby Sea Turtle

Last night my husband and I took a walk on the beach in Stuart, FL and we just happen to find a baby sea turtle all alone making its way to the ocean. After a few rough tries I am happy to say it made it and I feel extremely lucky I was able to watch. Enjoy the pictures and videos and remember to get outside because you never know what you will find.

(We did not touch this turtle)

Bachelorette Paddle Tour – Part 2 – Leisa’s Photos – August 2, 2019

When you want to have fun with your best girlfriends the day before your wedding, going paddle boarding is such a great idea!

These girls were so much fun! Lots of smiles and laughter while we paddled the Indian River. We enjoyed nature as we took a relaxing glide down the waterway. We even got to see a dolphin!

Check out the photos! (in no particular order) πŸ˜€πŸ€™

My new friend George

I have this beautiful blue heron that hangs out in the canals by my house. He is probably the calmest heron I’ve have gotten to be around. I got within 5 feet of him to take pictures. He didn’t decide to walk off until I tried to get down by the water near him. But still he stalked off so slowly and didn’t fly off. There must have been some yummy fish hanging out. I’ve seen him at least one or two times a week for the last few months. Hopefully we will continue to see this beautiful bird friend for a long time to come.