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How important is Balance Training?

We all know a strong core is the ….. core of it all. ­čśë ┬áThere are quite a few other benefits that will make you consider┬átrying that “crazy thing that there is no way I can stand on”.┬á

#1 – It helps improve the way your muscles and brain communicate with each other.

#2 – While you are trying to balance, you are burning calories without even knowing it! Your entire body is focused on not falling, thus your entire body is working!!!

#3 – Anyone can do this – YES YOU CAN – and you are working out without even realizing it! and…. it’s FUN!

#4 – A couple things we have personally found as a major plus after working with balance boards – your reaction time is greatly improved and our ankles have gotten stronger – just from balance board work!┬á

And back to…… ┬áCore stabilization ÔÇô it’s all about that core. Stabilize your core; strengthen your core and in turn you improve your coordination, athletic skill, and posture!!


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