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My new friend George

I have this beautiful blue heron that hangs out in the canals by my house. He is probably the calmest heron I’ve have gotten to be around. I got within 5 feet of him to take pictures. He didn’t decide to walk off until I tried to get down by the water near him. But still he stalked off so slowly and didn’t fly off. There must have been some yummy fish hanging out. I’ve seen him at least one or two times a week for the last few months. Hopefully we will continue to see this beautiful bird friend for a long time to come.

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Indian River Adventure 7/28/19

I had an awesome morning on Indian River with our new friends from Chicago. David had gotten to play on a board before but it was Shannon’s first time out on a board. Even though she had never been Paddle Boarding before she did an amazing job. They even killed it at team building.

They both were rockstars and are now fully invested on having Standup Paddle Boarding be a big part of their lives.

The best part of this “job” (I call it that because it is but having as much fun as we do out on the water never feels like work) is getting people out on the water experiencing new places, seeing new wildlife and learning about places they had only visited before.

I’m so glad we have two new friends to join our paddle family.

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Paddle with your Pup

I have a very active two year old Austrailian Shepard named Briar. She is the best dog, full of spunk and energy. I have been wanting her to be able to paddle with me since I picked her up as a baby. However she loves water and I was worried she would never want to stay on the board much less be comfortable with me constantly moving a paddle back and forth over her. She completely proved me wrong. My amazing pup jumped up on the board without hesitation went on a two hour tour and completely amazed me. She loved every minute of it and could even get back on the board herself when she fell in the water. She just proved that if you want to do something you should because I realized I could have been paddling the entire time with my pup on board.