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A mini exploration into Mosquito Cut

Mondays are made for exploring on the water. We left out of Cove Road and headed slightly South into the Indian River Lagoon. Being a Monday, there were hardly any boats as we traveled along the flat waters. We crossed over to the East side of the river right around channel markers 13 & 14 so that we could enter the Mosquito Cut just a bit south of there. We love this area because we are the biggest fans of Mangroves. All along Mosquito Cut there are an abundance of Red, White & Black Mangroves. You can tell the difference by looking at their leaves, which unlike their names, are not actually red, white and black. We were able to see some large fish being sneaky at the prop roots and some very cool Egrets and Night Herons walking among the branches. We did not see any Mangrove Crabs today and thus were not able to catch any and name them, but we are sure they were staring at us from their hiding spots. Because we were on a time-crunch we did not get all the way to the beach, but we could definitely hear the waves as they crashed just a bit beyond our mangrove path. It was a great way to spend a little over an hour on the water.

Enjoy the few photos we were able to grab while on the water. Let us know if you want to #ExploreWithUs soon!

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